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About the Prosecutor’s Office
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Public prosecutor's office is an autonomous state body, which prosecutes perpetrators of criminal and other punishable offences and takes measures for the protection of constitutionality and legality.

Public prosecutor's office performs its function pursuant to the Constitution, law, ratified international agreements and regulations enacted on the basis of law.

The Republican Public Prosecutor's Office is the highest public prosecutor's office in Serbia.

A public prosecutor's office consists of the public prosecutor, deputy public prosecutors and staff.The public prosecutor's office function is performed by the public prosecutor. Everyone in the public prosecutor's office is subordinate to the public prosecutor.

ppoorganization_engThe Public Prosecution of the Republic of Serbia consists of the Republican Public Prosecutor's Office, the appellate public prosecutor's offices, the higher public prosecutor's offices, the basic public prosecutor's offices, and the public prosecutor's offices with special jurisdiction.

Public prosecutor's offices with special jurisdiction are the Public Prosecutor's Office for OrganisedCrime and Public Prosecutor's Office for War Crimes

Every public prosecutor is subordinate to the Republican Public Prosecutor and every public prosecutor's office to the Republican Public Prosecutor's Office

The State Prosecutors Council is an autonomous body which shall provide for and  guarantee the autonomy of Public Prosecutors and Deputy Public Prosecutors.

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