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Fight against Organised Crime and Corruption: Strengthening the Prosecutors’ Network PDF Print

Source: RPPO, Date: 14.04.2014.

After the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in 2004 between the public prosecutors of the aforementioned accession candidates, good working relations have been established between the public prosecutor’s offices in the Western Balkans. Today hundreds of cross-border requests are exchanged between countries, as a part of the investigations and prosecution regarding organised crime. A network of amicable and reliable relations has been established, which provides a sound foundation for everyday professional exchanges and co-operation.
The project has helped the beneficiaries in the accession candidate countries to continue harmonising their legislation with the acquis communautaire, to strengthen the co-operation with the European judicial institutions and enhance regional co-operation between the prosecutor’s offices and law enforcement authorities. In addition, the project has supported many cross-border operations and investigations which have resulted in the dismantling of organised crime structures in the Western Balkans and the EU member states.
For more information, please contact: Eric Vincken, Head of International Projects: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Public Relations PDF Print

With regard to providing information The Prosecutor Office will try to meet your request as soon as possible complying with the rules such as:

  • not jeopardising current and future investigations,
  • non-disclosure of the suspects' identity before the decision of the Court of ordering their custody or confirmation of the indictment, and
  • complying with the presumption of innocence before the law until guilt isfound by a judgment of the Court.

The Office also organises interviews and media announcements as well as participation in radio and TV programmes.

MEDEL Ankara Note 4th July 2010 PDF Print

Concerning the Judiciary situation in Serbia

During Ankara meeting held on 4th July 2010 MEDEL Bureau heard the report of the Judges’ Association of Serbia and Prosecutors Association of Serbia about post-reappointment situation in Serbian Judiciary.


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