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Territorial Jurisdiction of Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Novi Sad

The Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Novi Sad is located at Sutjeska Street No. 3, in The Court and Justice Institutions Building, Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia.

Phone (PBX Operator): +381 21 4876100
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WEB: www.ns.vi.jt.rs

Public prosecutor's office is an autonomous state body, which prosecutes perpetrators of criminal and other punishable offences and takes measures for the protection of constitutionality and legality.

A public prosecutor's office consists of the public prosecutor, deputy public prosecutors and staff. The public prosecutor's office function is performed by the public prosecutor. Everyone in the public prosecutor's office is subordinate to the public prosecutor.

Public Prosecutor in Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Novi Sad:

Zoran Vucelja

Subject matter jurisdiction of a Higher public prosecutor's office in Novi Sad is determined in accordance with provisions of the Law that are in effect for determining subject matter jurisdiction of a Higher court in Novi Sad.
2. Jurisdiction of Higher Courts
Article 23
A higher court in the first instance:
1. adjudicates for criminal offences punishable by imprisonment of more than ten years as the principal penalty;
2. adjudicates for criminal offences against the Army of Serbia...


A higher court in the second instance shall decide on appeals against
decisions taken by basic courts:
1. on imposing measures to secure presence of defendants; in expedited criminal proceedings;
2. against decisions in civil disputes; judgements in cases of small value; in enforcement andnon-litigious proceedings...


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